A participatory Installation at Salon Rosa.Beige
Wednesday, 6th December 2023, 6pm and 8pm
Thursday, 7th December 2023, 6pm and 8pm
Friday, 8th December 2023, 6pm and 8pm
Saturday, 9th December 2023, 6pm and 8pm
Limited number of audiences
Venue and more information: Galerie FÜNFZIGZWANZIG, Salzburg
Photo: Lisa Hinterreithner
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner


ImPulsTanz Festival - International Dance Festival Vienna, Künstlerhaus Wien, Factory, July 2023
Photos: Markus Gradwohl
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner and Art Lovers

Projects (selection)

and and
Pink Tape – Yellow Tape – Black Tape – Repeat!
It might be windy, it will be dark
A scripted situation
The Call of Things / Things / Mezzanin
Automatisch Idiotisch - als ob - genau
Roaring Matters
Here you are
Watch! The Poster Show
Tree me tree

Tanzquartier Wien, SZENE Salzburg, Galerie FÜNFZIGZWANZIG

In This is not a garden Lisa Hinterreithner, Sara Lanner and Linda Samaraweerová perform ...
No garden, no oasis, no idyllic and lavishly green scenery, but a potentially sensual and strange retreat for humans and plants.
In This is not a garden, a human-vegetal utopian vision and dystopian reality seem to overlap. An old, dimly lit wood-panelled gym
invites us to engage with and embrace that which is vegetal. A place to live life at a slower pace, a place where humans are guests
and plants are in charge: sprouting, dry and dead things next to mouldy, wet, and living things. The performers lay a trail to new
transcorporeal arrangements. Legs connected to flowers, bottoms, leaves, heads, stems, hands, and branches. What can happen
if we allow ourselves to be intimate with plants? An encounter of a different kind.

Artistic direction, creation & performance: Lisa Hinterreithner
Creation & performance: Sara Lanner, Linda Samaraweerová
Set: Lisa Hinterreithner & Sara Lanner
Sound & composition: Lisa Kortschak, Elise Mory
Costume: Daniela Grabosch
Research, Podcasttext: Markus Gradwohl, Lisa Hinterreithner
Clay objects: Jacob Bartmann, Lisa Hinterreithner Set construction: Pia Proskawetz
Set assistance: Michaela Altweger
Photo & video documentation: Eva Würdinger, Markus Gradwohl
Head of production: Franziska Zaida Schrammel
A production by Up. (Unpredictable Past) and Art Lovers
Coproduction: Tanzquartier Wien, SZENE Salzburg, Galerie FÜNFZIGZWANZIG
Cooperation: Creative Cluster
With support from Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and BMKOES
Thanks to blumenkraft, Markus and Peter Feldinger, Paul Horn, Agnes Schneidewind,
Daniel Stuhlpfarrer, Maria Eugenia Tarquini-Lanner, Helmut Zwander

Video, 2021

Photo: Markus Gradwohl
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner


donaufestival, Oktober 2021

In linger on Lisa Hinterreithner, Rotraud Kern, Linda Samaraweerová, and Robert Steijn perform in an environment where visitors are incorporated as lying, sprawled out islands of bodies in the choreographed space. Enveloped in the light and fog images of Conny Zenk and the affectively charged sounds by Lisa Kortschak and Elise Mory, the potential of a collective sensitivity unfolds. Touches search for access points to the bodies. linger on actuates sensual perception, while combining care for oneself with care for others.

Choreography, performance, and text: Lisa Hinterreithner
Choreography & performance: Rotraud Kern, Linda Samaraweerová, Robert Steijn
Sound: Lisa Kortschak, Elise Mory
Light architecture: Conny Zenk
Set: Katharina Kapsamer, Lisa Hinterreithner
Costume: Constanze Stahr
Dramaturgical feedback: Robert Steijn
Documentation: Eva Würdinger and Markus Gradwohl
Head of production: Franziska Zaida Schrammel
Photos: Markus Gradwohl
A production by Up. (Unpredictable Past) | Lisa Hinterreithner in coproduction with donaufestival Krems, ARGEkultur
With support from Stadt Wien Kultur, Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and BMKOES
Thanks to Michaela Altweger, Georg Hartl, Katharina Hinterreithner, Liquid Loft
Duration: 55 min
Text-Sound-Collage, 2019

Text: Lisa Hinterreithner
Sound: Elise Mory und Lisa Kortschak
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner
With support from Stadt Salzburg and Land Salzburg

donaufestival krems 2020

ARGE Kultur Salzburg, September 2019

Tired? It might be political.
(referring to the International Parades of the Politically Depressed)

LOW BODIES consists of tiredness, as a subversive-impressive-friendly-charming form of deserting.
For: Paradoxical life conditions must be followed by paradoxical reactions (Luise Meier).

In LOW BODIES we have a lie down. The situation is optimal. Nothing to optimize.
The spine running parallel to the ground like animals. Turning into loopholes, becoming porous.
Blowing foam bubbles and vanishing. – This is a striking concept.

Concept, choreography, performance, space: Lisa Hinterreithner
Choreography & performance: Linda Samaraweerová
Video: Markus Gradwohl, Eva Würdinger
Photos: Eva Würdinger
Music (video): Elise Mory
Music: Melt Banana
Costume: Christina Nehrer
Plastic objects: Otto Krause
Technique: Heide Tömpe Production: Ela Piplits, Franziska Zaida Schrammel
Photos: Eva Würdinger
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner in cooperation with: ARGEkultur
With supported from Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and BKA Auslandsateliers Paris
Thanks to Eric Dion, David Ender, Michikazu Matsune, Lilo Nein, Wolfgang Khalhammer, Brigitta Schöllbauer, Janett Sumbera
and and

Tanzquartier Wien Studios, February 2019

photos: Eva Würdinger

Which group do you belong to?

Current voices such as Sarah Schulman, Didier Eribon, and Hannah Gadsby ask political questions about the formation of groups in society:
about marginalised groups and discrimination as well as class-induced and gender-related injustice. We need groups, of course. Identification models
and feelings of belonging, understandable. Groups raise their collective voice. Demarcate and segregate themselves.

The old white men rear up once more like animals before they die.
Class is entirely family based.
And family is a national system.
Patriarchal nationalism – a fuck-off model.

and and is part of a process which began with and in 2018. Its point of departure is the question of how politics, identification,
and stigmatisation are created, and an artistic objection and claim against it.
The material: feminist text fragments, citations from Sarah Schulman and torn-off adhesive tape. Music and plastic.
Dotted, coloured bodies, bodies in and against labelings, a dotted room, sound spots. Real text, fake bodies, real bodies, connections.

and and – a remix of text and sticky tape, coupled with Elise’s live sound …

Concept, choreography & performance: Lisa Hinterreithner
Choreography & performance: Linda Samaraweerová
Composition & live music: Elise Mory
Space: Otto Krause
Light: Victor Duran
Costume: Christina Nehrer
Feedback: Chris Standfest
Production: Eva Holzinger, Ela Piplits
Documentation: Markus Gradwohl, Eva Würdinger

A co-production by Lisa Hinterreithner and Tanzquartier Wien. With support from the Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna.
Thanks to Im_flieger, Deborah Hazler, Milan Loviška and Studio Matsune.

and and Tanzquartier Wien Studios, February 2019

and and review
PW-Magazine, Wera Hippesroither, February 12, 2019
Pink Tape – Yellow Tape – Black Tape – Repeat!

Open Mind Festival, Toihaus Theater, November 2017

WUK performing arts, January 2018

photos: Eva Würdinger

A strip of adhesive tape is a singular thing, a second one next to it confirms the first one.
A third one could indicate the beginning of a pattern. Patterns are created by repetition.
The performance Pink Tape – Yellow Tape – Black Tape – Repeat! focuses on the processes
of creation and discard of patterns, visualising them with the aid of adhesive tape.
In the black box, affixed dots and line structures build up between audience and performers
only to be transformed in the next moment or disappear again.
In Pink Tape – Yellow Tape – Black Tape – Repeat! the live musician Elise Mory handles
musical structures and repetition processes. Acoustic overlays and multilayer loops translate
the visual patternings into sounds and thus musically "glue together" the performative
adhesive-tape works.
A foot, a head and a hand interwoven with tape. The strips interact with the bodies of the performers.
Dot structures form a social tie with the onlookers, pulling them directly into the events by an
almost affectionate application of adhesive tape. Everything happens in a measure of disorder;
no repetition is similar to another; everything in the room might have become a pattern …

Concept and creation: Lisa Hinterreithner
Artistic collaboration: Lilo Nein
Performance: Lisa Hinterreithner, Linda Samaraweerová, Olivia Schellander
Live music: Elise Mory
Costume: Lena Winkler-Hermaden
Feedback: Stephanie Leonhardt
Production management: Ela Piplits
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner and Art Lovers in cooperation with Im_flieger / Stoffwechsel,
Open Mind Festival, Toihaus Theater and WUK performing arts.
With the support of Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich and Wien Kultur
Special thanks to disposed [kabɪˈnɛt] and Liquid Loft

Pink tape - yellow tape - black tape - Repeat! Toihaus Theater, Open Mind Festival 2017
Pink tape - yellow tape - black tape - Repeat! - WUK performing arts, Vienna, January 2018

Der Standard, Helmut Ploebst, January 8, 2018

blog.openmindfestival.at, Veronika, November 2017

ImPulsTanz, Vienna International Dance Festival,
mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, July 2017

photos: Karolina Miernik

Galerie 5020, Salzburg, January 2017

photos: SensoReye Production/Fivos Salahas

In her new performance Do-Undo, artist Lisa Hinterreithner and Rotraud Kern explore the
temporary trio of audience – performer – material. What happens when conditions shift,
when one group gets the upper hand, another succumbs?
Tin foil, blankets, dictaphones, … in Do-Undo two performers and the visitors form a speculative
community; sporadic, scattered, multiplied micro-situations define the space.
Between exhibition and performance situation a space for (collective) actions, adventure,
uncharted territory appears.
As the smallest events multiply and spread, the actual event could be anywhere. Neither
spectators nor performers are able to see the “complete” performance. Do-Undo is an attempt
to set the social fabric of audience and performers in motion.

Research, creation and performance: Lisa Hinterreithner
Creation and performance: Rotraud Kern
Research and artistic collaboration: Martina Ruhsam
Set design and costume: Lena Winkler-Hermaden
Feedback: Stephanie Leonhardt
Production management: Ela Piplits
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner in collaboration with 50/20
Special thanks to Tanzquartier Wien and Marlies Pucher.
With the support of Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

Galerie 5020, January 2017
ImPulsTanz, mumok, July 2017

Wiener Zeitung, Verena Franke, July 18, 2017
It might be windy, it will be dark – a tactile search in visual silence
A 15 minute performance loop for 15 participants

International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2017,
Kunstraum Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, September 2017

photos: Jan Mitschulat

In It might be windy it will be dark the participant's attention is turned to a non human agent:
air as a moving body. Air is visually perceived as see-through and perhaps therefore often overlooked
as a material. Yet we sense it (unusually hot/cold/moving/still/damp/dry air may catch our attention),
we move through it, we breathe it. It supports our bodies and literally holds us together. It makes up
the void between. It connects us to each other, to all other objects, places and spaces in the world,
across the most minuscule and the vastest of distances.
In this manifestation of the ongoing artistic research project ‘WIND’ visitors are invited into a space,
where streams of air touching the visitors’ body parts allow for a sensorial experience exploring the
effects of wind and its affects on humans. We are concerned with how air can produce a spatial,
choreographic composition to be felt, not seen. Purely bodydriven mechanical movement of air gives
the audience a tangible and sensual experience of wind, as we strive to shift the attention to the
state of a matter which is - with or without our human presence - present in the space.
It may become windy...

Concept and creation: Lisa Hinterreithner, Laura Navndrup Black
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner
With the support of Stadt Salzburg, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich and The Danish Arts Council

In the context of the International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2017 on "Transdisciplinary Research
and Education – Intercultural Endeavours", September 2017, Leuphana University Lüneburg.
A cooperation of the Leuphana Methodology Center/ITD Conference 2017 and Leuphana Arts Program.

Further performances in the framework of tanz_house Festival 2016

A scripted situation

Tanzquartier Wien, Studios, May 2015

photos: Nils Olger

Wait until someone throws a bag into the waste bin. Then turn the page.

A scripted situation is a performance without professional actors or dancers and without spatially
separated spectators and performers. Everyone is simultaneously a spectator and an actor.
Playing cards invite people to carry out daily activities in the room. A social choreography – a scripted
situation – develops through the translation of simple, comical or absurd instructions into spatial
It is characteristic of a social choreography that it physically incorporates the participants in an event,
so that as a group they embody a specific social (dis)order. It arises out of the awareness that social
situations are never natural, but to a certain degree are always constructed and manufactured situations.
A scripted situation not only exhibits the constructed nature of the choreographed social situation,
but also seeks to facilitate a non-hierarchical being together that establishes itself through the physical
actions in the room, so that an imaginative space can open up in which group images can be distorted,
shifted and presented.
By working with everyday objects, transient scenes, groups and images crop up. Actions and threads
of actions overlap and contradict one another. Are the objects part of the social structure? To what
extent do they already define the parameters of a specific social choreography? What happens
by coincidence and what is staged? Who is following which instructions? Is what has suddenly started –
and cannot be guided by anybody apart from the participants – an everyday occurrence or a performance?
A fictitious situation? Reality?
In the foreground of this performance is the question of how social situations are co-produced or
caused by choreographic processes. A scripted situation attempts to combine the maximum limitation
of the possibilities for action with the maximum openness of the situation. What will happen is only
decided at the moment when the participants meet? Everything follows a script and is nevertheless
completely unpredictable.

Idea and script: Lisa Hinterreithner, Martina Ruhsam
Production management: Ela Piplits
Assistance stage design: Lena Winkler-Hermaden
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner

Further performances:
Open Mind Festival 2014, November 2014
kunsthaus muerz, Mürzzuschlag, in the frame of the exhibition "DER RAUM NACH DEM RAUM", May 2015
Dance Education Biennale 2016, Cologne, February 2016
Performance series: THE CALL OF THINGS / THINGS and MEZZANIN

THINGS, Galerie 5020, March 2015

photos: Erik Hable

In their performance series THE CALL OF THINGS, THINGS, and MEZZANIN the two performance
artists Lisa Hinterreithner and Jack Hauser engage in the performativity of things, setting out from an
artistic performance as a collaborative gathering of heterogeneous elements (humans, things, organisms,
and objects).
Materials, things and objects are acting next to, and performing with the two human performers as
independent and collaborating or disturbing participants. In this sense, Hinterreithner and Hauser investigate
the possibilities of a performance model, the human-nonhuman workgroup. They spend a lot of time with
the things. They hang around and roam the rooms they selected together with the things and objects in
order to get an idea of the loitering things’ vitality. The things speak up in one way or another (the call
of things). Groups of ‘bodies’ (human and non-human) establish themselves in juxtaposition, mutually
affecting and being affected by each other. However, Hinterreithner and Hauser themselves do not become
things, but perhaps somehow thing-human. The human–nonhuman workgroups move from boiling kettles,
over wet, hot items of clothing, books, human urine, a wall clock, quick-frozen trouser legs, a vacuum
cleaner and television sets playing possum, even to dawn itself.

October 2014, Galerie 5020, Salzburg
November 2014 Tanzquartier Wien, Halle G Backstage
February 2015 Atelier Anne Juren und Roland Rauschmeier
February 2015 Austrian Cultural Forum London

THE CALL OF THINGS is concluded by THINGS, returning to its starting point the Galerie 5020,
and working with elements from all its stations including the secret ones. With an accompanying lecture
by artist and theoretician Martina Ruhsam.

Idea and concept: Lisa Hinterreithner, Jack Hauser and the things
Performance: Lisa Hinterreithner, Jack Hauser and the things
Lecture: Martina Ruhsam
Production management: Ela Piplits
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner in cooperation with Galerie 5020, Tanzquartier Wien,
Atelier Anne Juren and Roland Rauschmeier and the Austrian Cultural Forum London
With the support of the Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and Bundeskanzleramt Österreich


MEZZANIN, ImPulsTanz, Vienna International Dance Festival 2015, Odeon workshops, July, March 2015

photos: KatReynolds

What happens when people and objects engage in artistic, performative complicity? To get to
the bottom of this question, Lisa Hinterreithner and Jack Hauser explore parts of the Odeon theatre
that usually stay hidden: under the stage, in the workshops, the store-room, the depository
for costumes and props – the mezzanine. A mysterious transformation takes place there: the
objects become alive, and the living performers take on an object-like quality. Both sides
come together in their states of materiality. They become a human/non-human working group
that generates exceptional assemblages.

Idea and concept: Lisa Hinterreithner, Jack Hauser
Performance: Lisa Hinterreithner, Jack Hauser and the things
Dramaturgic counsel: Stephanie Leonhardt, Ela Piplits
Production management: Ela Piplits
Production: Art Lovers in cooperation with ImPulsTanz Festival and Odeon Theater Wien
With the support of Wien Kultur


Der Standard, Helmut Ploebst, Juliy 30, 2015

Daniel Aschwanden

Martina Ruhsam
Automatisch Idiotisch - als ob - genau

Sommer SZENE, Salzburg, June 2014

photos: SZENE Salzburg/Bernhard Müller

"Geh in die Scule und lass die socken tanzen; gib mir deine hand damit es nicht zu regenne beginnt.
Das warten macht immer sinn. Der strohkopf ist ein druckwampier und ietatsache dass du spinnst
ist eine kleinigkeit die mich nicht kümmert ...“

Lisa Hinterreithner writes automatic texts and completes these with automatic speech, dance and
weeping. Julius Deutschbauer approaches her automatic creation like an explorer and extracts
categories from it: desperation to madness, father/mother/child to sex, dry ice to farting machines.
From this emerges, almost by itself, a show made up of attractions and performances somewhere
between the automatic and the machine-like, car-driven planchette, recorder of souls and
Werner-is-Dead keyboards. automatisch – idiotisch – als ob – genau sees itself in the first part
of the evening as a self-driven performance and in the second part as a mechanical installation to
be played by the audience.

Idea: Lisa Hinterreithner
Concept and performance: Lisa Hinterreithner, Julius Deutschbauer
Dramaturgy: Claudia Heu
Organisation und Performance: Ela Piplits
Light: Krisha
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner in cooperation with Sommer SZENE Salzburg
With the support of Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

Der Standard, Helmut Ploebst, July 1, 2014

Kleine Zeitung, I. Türk-Chlapek, June 26, 2014

Salzburger Nachrichten, Clemens Panagl, June 30, 2014
Roaring Matters

Radhusparken, Aarhus (DK) September 2014

A park, a public area dedicated to relaxation, rest, and leisure, determines the setting for the visual
installation roaring matters.
Performance artists Lisa Hinterreithner and Rotraud Kern and visual artist Daniel Zimmermann
explore actions and movements of people inside a park and its given structures. The project questions
social codes and behaviours of relaxation and rest.
Red shining viewers are installed in the landscape. Five stereoscopic viewers, a kind of telescope,
give an insight into a different reality – a territory of new perspectives.
The spectator encounters different approaches to human bodies that gather in a park, mark a territory,
or occupy a green area in the middle of the city of Aarhus. Roaring matters proposes a community
freed from its humanity.

Concept: Lisa Hinterreithner and Rotraud Kern in cooperation with Daniel Zimmermann
Photography: Daniel Zimmermann
Production management: Ela Piplits
Performers: Inhabitants of the city of Aarhus
Realised by the Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner
With the support of The Danish Arts Foundation, Österreichische Botschaft Kopenhagen,
Stadt Salzburg and Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

Open Mind Festival, November 2012

photos: Nils Olger

POSTERS is a continuation of the project Watch! The Poster Show. Both projects collect performances
by different performance artists who choreograph for the two-dimensional surface of a poster rather than
the stage: Compositional and choreographic action applied to a flat surface. Performance, documentation,
and archiving in one = Performance Poster. Only an empty wall is necessary for the performance, or,
as Julius Deutschbauer puts it: “Four strips of tape are enough to perform it!"
Cheeky Theatre stages are problematic spatial construction sites for contemporary art, and they eat up
lots of economic resources. A historicised, inflexible, costly framing for 21st century performing art. An
alternative: choreographing on a sheet of paper.

Posters partakes in the change of the theatre, understands itself as a choreographic departure. Posters
is a plea for choreographic acting conscious of the crisis not only of the theatre, but in the face of current
close-downs of cultural institutions all over Europe.

Shift of playing areas Choreographers shift their playing area to paper, inscribing performances on posters.
An intriguing act of overcoming thinking in movements which experiments with the special complicity
between performance and audience.

Exercising the impossible. Experimenting, acting as if; there are no limits to choreographic thinking and acting.
Gaining freedom through a change of practice.

Producing singularly in community – the poster workshop A facility for the design and production of poster
performances. It is a quick, singular fabrication that happens in a group or in being-with-others.
A lab-research-production format.

Staging of the posters and bodies in three-dimensional space – the presentation The poster workshop is
equally exhibition and performance site. Traces of the artistic process will remain in it, tools, dances, texts
and pictures; glue, scissors, the performances, the posters. The audience is invited not only to experience
the posters, but also materials of the poster workshop and live actions by the artists.

Performance artists: Julius Deutschbauer, Lisa Hinterreithner, Andrea Maurer, Linda Samaraweerová and Doris Stelzer
Concept, artistic implementation and organisation: Lisa Hinterreithner
Production design and artistic collaboration: Chris Standfest
Graphics: Nils Olger
Space installation: Stephanie Rauch
Production management: Joachim Kapuy
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner
Coproduction: Open Mind Festival 2012
With the support of Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and the Institut für Musik- und Tanzwissenschaft,
Universität Salzburg
Special Thanks to Nicole Haitzinger

POSTERS. A text by Martina Ruhsam (German)
Here you are
Site-specific installation at Kapuzinerberg

Sommer SZENE Salzburg, July 2011

photos: Paul Wenninger, Daniel Zimmermann

No other city has, in its center, such lush, picture-perfect natural beauty; no other city has Kapuzinerberg.
A long, steep path helps you relax and slow down. Then it takes you into the forest. Friendly and peaceful
yet mysterious, Kapuzinerberg is a place to contemplate, to hide; a secret jungle almost forgotten in the
midst of the hustle and bustle of Salzburg. There, your senses are stimulated as they take in the intersection
of different views: of the distance, of the city, of the mountains and the details of the flora.
Here You Are is an installation which expands these horizons and puts completely new views in them.
It manipulates reality, implies associations, and gives free rein to the imagination. The artists' instrument
is the telescope which allows them to create additional worlds and set free the creativity of the viewer.

Concept, Performance: Lisa Hinterreithner and Rotraud Kern
Concept collaboration and photography: Daniel Zimmermann
Art history feedback: Alessandra Arseni
Text website SZENE Salzburg: Michael Donhauser
Stereoscopic viewer mounting: Udo Kirchmayer
Set assistance: Katrin Petter
Production management: Lisa Hinterreithner
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner
Coproduction: Sommer SZENE Salzburg
With the support of Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur

Der Standard, Helmut Ploebst, July 9/10, 2011
Watch! The Poster Show

Kabinett Salzburger Kunstverein, February 2011

photos: Roland Rauschmeier

Watch! The Poster Show collects performances by different artists who choreograph for the
two-dimensional surface of a poster rather than the stage. Five artists design performances in
poster format. The pieces will be exhibited together in the Salzburger Kunstverein's Cabinet
as a premiere and can then be purchased online.
Five choreographers transfer the stage to paper and inscribe performances on posters. A delightful
breakthrough in thoughts on movement takes place that experiments with an unusual complicity
between performance and onlookers.

Performance artists: Philipp Gehmacher, Lisa Hinterreithner, Anne Juren, Amanda Piña, Christine Standfest
Idea and artistic director: Lisa Hinterreithner
Graphic design and installation: Roland Rauschmeier
Production manager: Lisa Schmidt
A production by Up. | LisaHinterreithner in cooperation with the Salzburger Kunstverein
With the support of Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and BAUZENTRUM Hannak GmbH
Special Thanks to Nicole Haitzinger

Further installation Juliy 2012 in the frame of the Choreographic Platform Austria / ImPulsTanz

Der Standard, Helmut Ploebst, July 9/10, 2011

Julius Deutschbauer on corpusweb.net
Tree me tree

Tanzquartier Wien, Studios, January 2010

Fotos © Nils Olger

The spaces in which the actors in Tree me Tree move are multiple. Remembered, just happening
or medially constructed, in the work of the choreographers indoors and outdoors, natural and
stage space, here and there, windows and view openings, standpoints and perspectives, details
and excerpts overlap and interpenetrate. In the confrontation of choreographic and film material,
in the negotiation of presence and absence, the artists interweave experienced stories and
turn the stage into a place of ever new relationships of demarcations and connections, of attribution
and belonging.

Concept and Performance: Lisa Hinterreithner and Rotraud Kern
Concept contribution, video: Nils Olger
Sound: Nik Hummer
Light: Markus Schwarz
Dramaturgic counsel: Christine Standfest
Set design: Brigitta Schöllbauer
Production management: Sophie Pachner und Elisabeth Hirner
A production by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner in cooperation with SZENE Salzburg
With the support of Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg,
Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur and Wien Kultur
Special Thanks to Kabinett ad Co. and Katharina Hinterreithner

Further performances: SZENE Salzburg, May 2010

Satu Herrala on corpusweb.net

Lisa Hinterreithner intertwines bodies and materials in her artistic practice. on the lookout for experimental performance formats that address humans and nonhumans likewise. She often invites the audience, performers and objects to be part of a joint process. Recently she has explored touch and touchability, specifically between plants and humans. She has worked with, among others, Julius Deutschbauer, Jack Hauser, Rotraud Kern, Elise Mory, Laura Navndrup Black, Lisa Kortschak, Martina Ruhsam, and Linda Samaraweerová.
Lisa Hinterreithner's performances have been shown at, among others, Tanzquartier Wien, donaufestival Krems, ARGEkultur Salzburg, ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, Galerie FÜNFZIGZWANZIG, Sommerszene - SZENE Salzburg, as well as in Germany, Denmark and the UK. She is a regular lecturer for Performance Research at the Dance Academy SEAD, at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna MUK and at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen. Together with Marlies Pillhofer, she runs the transdisciplinary performance platform tanzbuero in Salzburg. She takes part in the transmedia research project 'Stoffwechsel – Ökologien der Zusammenarbeit' at Im_flieger in Vienna.

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